Hey, wanna know about me?

Hi, I’m Isyana or Nyanya, an Indonesian woman who declares herself as a big fan of Mie Aceh, chocolate milk, and Europe.

I got my bachelor degree in the university near to Bandung. Then 2 years after graduated and worked in the Biscuit Company, I flew to Europe to pursue my master degree in the southern part of Italy. In October 2013, I came back to Indonesia and now I work in another FMCG company. Still in the food one and I’m happy to have bunch of free foods 😀

My next plan is travelling the world 🙂




24 thoughts on “Hey, wanna know about me?

  1. Waw Cut,, punya wordpress juga ternyata… uwooo asik nambah temen yang wordpress-an juga *ngelirik blog-nya Dewi yang adem ayem, hehe..*
    Bookmark (√), subscribe (√) 🙂
    Ayo post yang banyak ttg Italiano-nya, foto-foto yang banyak juga.. kekeke..

    • Ya ampun Dedy, semua komen kamu masuk spam hahaha. Mmmm ada gak yah.. aku gak pernah ngecek sih sesungguhnya hehe, soalnya disini aku kan beasiswanya udah mencakup makan di kantin jadi buat irit duit aku jarang masak..

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