It’s about a broken heart

We have a lot of logical and illogical reasons which can cause a broken heart.

It broke my heart when I see a lot of people are dying in Palestine. I’m a person who can watch Grey’s Anatomy serials while I’m eating. I don’t even care chewing a chicken while the story shows me cerebral hemorrhage (or a bleeding brain). But having myself sitting on my bed watching the Palestine video is a big challenge for me. I watched it just for 30 seconds and cried. So all I can do is praying for them.

It broke my heart when I know I miss someone but she’s so far away from me. I’m talking about my au pair baby, Bella, who’s growing up so fast now and the au pair after me told that she (Bella) can stand now even just for 2 second. Oh how I really miss her now.

It broke my heart when I saw my picture with full make up and it doesn’t look good. So a week ago Indonesian students here conducted a big event to introduce Indonesia, named ‘Ciao Indonesia’, and I was one of the dancers there. I should put full make up. But one trouble came when the person who make up me put too much blush on on my cheek but on the wrong area and it caused my cheek looked bigger. Oh my gosh.

It broke my heart when I heard my singing voice on recorder. It’s really bad.

It broke my heart when I feel so sleepy but my brain playing tricks on me, it starts thinking about everything. But an hour before when I tried to do my assignment, it didn’t work.

It broke my heart when I see a parent get angry and hit the kid.

It broke my heart when I can’t breath by my nose, but through my mouth because of flu.

It broke my heart when I do feel broken hearted with meaningless reason.

And it broke my heart if I spend a day without doing useful things. That’s why I’m writing now. Hahaha.

Okay, have a good weekend. Buon fine settimana. Ciao!


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