Sweet Summer Escape

Back to August 2012, I did sweet summer escape with my au pair family to France for 2,5 weeks. Why we should did that? Simply because there was no summer for Holland. We experienced wind and a lot of rain during summer, and I should always brought my jacket everywhere so I didn’t feel cold.

First Destination: Ogny

Located in central of France, 7 hours (not good) driving (because of the screaming kids) from Blaricum. It’s a really small village. You just need 15 minutes of walking to see the entire village. The people there? Ah, most of them are grandpas and grandmas. Hahaha. I didn’t see teens or someone with the same age with me when I was there. But because of the small village, as you expected, they know and always help each other.

The entrance road surrounded by bushes and trees. The houses look old and medieval made by grey stone (I don’t know how to call it), but in the inside they have modern equipment.

In there we shouldn’t scare of bad people. They said, “no thieves here.. we know each other.. so It’s safe..” Ohya, if you visit Ogny for vacation, for example if you like a really peaceful environment, you still can go to the town near Ogny just 10 minutes driving.

Second Destination: Bourgogne

Another small and mideval village! Just 2 hours driving from Ogny. We lived in the house that my au pair parents rented from British. The house is beautiful! Mostly made by wood, looks so old from outside but modern inside. And also so comfy. The house is sorrounded by forest and farming fields. We could see cows and also deer from the house. The nearest village? 15 minutes from the house. Hahaha.

We went to lake the Laives, and it was so crowded. Seemed like everyone wanted to swim because of the heat (it was around 25 – 27 degrees). And no need to go to nude beach if you want to see topless women (Women: from teenage to elder), they laid around the lake for reading or taking a nap.

Third destination: Bargemon

My first impression when we got there was: “Gosh, is it Italy??”

The city (or village again, I think) is near to Italy so the design of the house and the little street have some similarities with Italy. The houses are colorfull and located on a hill. It was super HOT! (the temperature, I mean). It reached 33 degrees when we were there. But the good thing was, we have a private swimming pool. Actually almost the houses there have their own pools. Don’t expected for rain there, even for the wind was really rare there. Sigh.

3 villages for summer escape? Yes, it was so exhausting but also fun! I think I’d like to try with my family and best friends someday.


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