My Eid Fitr

So, I thought I would celebrate Eid Fitr in Blaricum with my family by skype or Indonesian people there or in Den Haag with Indonesian Embassy (and after I calculated the cost of the train, I didn’t think I’d go there. Oh Holland, why does your transportation cost so extremely expensive?).

But this evening I knew the answer.
Me: Ma’am, how long we will stay in South of France?
Ma’am: Oh, a week! A big week!
Me: (calculating the days)
Ma’am: We’ll start our journey to Blaricum next Sunday.
Me: oh.
Then I checked the calender on my handphone. Yes, it’s Eid Fitr! I’ll spend my the big day on the road, 6 hours. And 6 hours again on the next day.

Suddenly I feel so gloomy. I spend whole Ramadan alone this year, so I wish I could do something in the end of Ramadan with people who also do fasting.

And today my dad texted me by Yahoo Messenger said that he was missing me so much and would like to do a video call with me. Then I replied, “we can do it on Eid, and we should do it. Love you.”
And now we should do the video call maybe on Tuesday (3rd day of Eid for me and 2nd for my family in Indonesia)

But I know someone will say: yeah, just make it as one of the story to your children. Now you have a lot of different stories to tell, right?


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